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3 Things to Know About Shower Surround Kits

Posted on August 29th, 2017.

When a person suffers from age- or disability-related mobility challenges, making certain upgrades in the bathroom can be important. If the right retrofits are selected, both accessibility and safety can be improved greatly. One of the more popular options for addressing these concerns involves replacing an existing shower stall with a shower surround kit. These special kits can be highly effective while also being affordable, making them a great choice for many homes.

There are three things people need to know about shower surround kits:

    • They can greatly enhance safety and accessibility –Shower surround kits are intended to replace free-standing showers in traditional bathrooms. They may also be used to retrofit other wet rooms for makeshift bathing use. This special design is comprised of three walls and a unique floor pan. The pan sits as flush to the floor as possible to enable improved accessibility for people who require wheelchairs, canes or walkers to get around. Rather than requiring people to climb over a shower ledge to gain access, surround kits allow people to simply walk in. A bench may also be included to enable people in wheelchairs to slide into the shower.
    • They prevent slip-and-fall injuries –Shower surround kits typically have floor pans that are also slip-resistant by design. This is intended to help ensure that people who can stand for the duration of a shower don’t slip on wet, soapy flooring.
    • They should be professionally installed –When selecting a shower surround kit, it is best to work with a local retailor to select the ideal model for the space. Professional installation is also important to ensure a proper fit that doesn’t leak. Retailers can even come out and examine the space where the shower will be installed to ensure the ideal selection is made.

Shower surround kits address major safety and accessibility concerns in the bathroom. They do not, however, provide the full bathtub soaking experience. If a bath/shower combination is preferred, a walk-in tub may serve personal requirements more readily. Retailers who sell shower surround kits can often help with the selection and installation of walk-in bathtubs, as well. Either selection, however, can provide the safety and accessibility enhancements older people and people with disabilities require.