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3 Tips to Follow When Buying Your First Walk-In Tub

Posted on June 16th, 2017.

If you’re ready to take the plunge to gain the benefits a walk-in tub can deliver, there are some things to consider when picking out the model. When a few points are considered in advance of a purchase, buyers can be rest assured they’ll bring the right design home. 

Here are three tips that can lend confidence to the buying process:

  • Size up the space in advance – Before even looking at walk-in tub models, be sure to understand the space the tub will go and any special installation requirements that might be involved. People who are buying walk-in tubs to help elderly loved ones or those with mobility challenges may find they need to retrofit a different room in their home to serve as a bathing area. When second-floor bathrooms pose challenges for loved ones, some people, for example, transform utility rooms for their use. These rooms may require a smaller size tub. Plumbing work may also be required. Should a swap out with a traditional tub be the plan, make sure models considered a full-sized for a better fit.
  • Consider the desired features – Walk-in tubs can come with a diversity of add on features that enhance safety and the bathing experience. Consider the upgrades that make the most sense. Fast fill and drain features, for example, can lend convenience. Hot water jets and warm air massage features can assist people with chronic conditions, such as arthritis. Safety features that go beyond the swing door design should also be considered. ADA-compliant seating, grab bars and slip resistant flooring can all be important if a purchase is being made to increase bathroom safety.
  • Consider the installation – Before finalizing a purchase, make sure installation is arranged. Some people opt to tackle the job as a do-it-yourself project. Others, however, find professional installation provides peace of mind that an investment is properly set and will perform as desired.

Buying a walk-in tub is an excellent way to increase safety in a home. Taking a few points into consideration while selecting a model can ensure the right purchase is made.