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4 Must-Know Bathroom Safety Tips

Posted on August 30th, 2017.

While many people think of automobiles when the word accident comes up, the truth is most mishaps occur at home. The bathroom, in fact, tends to be the most dangerous room in any residential setting. Fortunately, there are steps every family can take to ensure greater safety in this room.

Whether family members are old, young, able bodied or suffer from mobility challenges, these four tips can enhance safety in the bathroom:

    • Tackle slippery floors –Tile and linoleum bathroom floors can pose safety risks for people of all ages. Consider installing slip-resistant flooring to prevent falls. If this isn’t possible, put appropriate bathroom rugs down to stop any pooling of water that could be dangerous. Be sure the rugs affix tightly to the floor to prevent tripping issues for people who may shuffle walk.
    • Make sure tub or shower floors are slip-resistant –Soap scum can combine with water rather easily and create a mess on the bathtub and shower floors. Slip-resistant shower and bath mats or strips can go a long way.
    • Make sure water isn’t set too hot –Scalding injuries are also a big concern in the bathroom. To prevent this, consider setting hot water heaters down from the traditional 60 degrees Celsius to a safer 49 to 55 degrees C. Even a few degrees lower can make a big difference in preventing burns while using the shower, bath or even the tap.
    • Be mindful of accessibility issues –If mobility or balance are concerns, there are ways to address this issue in the bathroom. Consider tools such as bathtub transfer benches or walk-in tub doors. If a complete redesign is desired in the bathroom to address accessibility and safety, walk-in tub models or barrier-free showers can make a very big difference. Both styles of retrofits are intended to make getting into and out of the shower or tub easier for people with mobility issues. In doing so, they can make the bathroom safer for family members of all ages.

Creating a bathroom that is safer for family members of all ages is a smart way to prevent accidents. Simple upgrades, such as proper slip-resistant mats and transfer benches, can prevent injuries and provide a peace of mind.