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4 Things to Avoid: Tips for Making a Bathroom Safer for Seniors

Posted on September 1st, 2017.

Creating a safer home environment for an elderly loved one can prove to be a tremendous gift. By making rooms around the home safer, family members can help seniors avoid injuries and may even assist them in maintaining their independence longer. When the time comes to take a critical look at home safety for seniors, the bathroom is the best place to start. There are four things that can be addressed to make a huge difference in reducing hazards in this room.

Here are four things to be avoided in any bathroom used by seniors:

  • Perilous entry points to showers and baths – Getting in and out of a shower or bathtub/shower combination can be a dangerous prospect for anyone. To avoid this potential peril, consider adding a tub bench, using a walk-in tub retrofit kit or even replacing the tub entirely in favor of a walk-in tub model. Free-standing showers with step-over ledges can be addressed with seating or replacement with a barrier-free shower stall.
  • Slip hazards in the bathing area – Shower and tub floors can become very slippery when soap scum and water combined. The slip-resistant flooring found in walk-in tubs or barrier-free showers can prove very helpful. Other options for addressing this peril include adding slip-resistant mats or floor strips.
  • Trip hazards on the bathroom floor – The floor area outside the bathtub can also pose a risk. To address this, consider installing slip-resistant flooring. The use of bathroom-grade rugs that can be snugly affixed to the floor can also make a difference.
  • Balance hazards – Standing in the shower or sitting submerged in water can be real challenges for seniors who are facing balance concerns. Bathtub benches can address this concern well. Walk-in tub models with built-in seating can also prove very helpful in reducing risks associated with balance.

Helping people enjoy a safer experience at home as they age can prevent injuries and enable seniors to stay in their homes longer. Simple upgrades like bathtub benches, walk-in tubs and barrier-free showers can go a very long way in addressing risks.