Posted on October 13th, 2017.

Independence and self-reliance in the smallest of everyday tasks – they can be a huge morale booster and confidence builder for the elderly or disabled individuals. Take bathing, for example… this routine hygiene maintenance activity is usually something that everyone loves to enjoy in private. However, mobility challenges may render a person incapacitated to handle these tasks on their own using standard bathroom fixtures. So why not choose to step out of the standard and adopt the revolutionary? Handicap tubs or walk-in tubs are designed to be more convenient, comfortable, and safe for use than conventional tubs. Just open the tub door, walk or slide-in and sit to enjoy a relaxing bathing experience without having to deal with that pesky 20-inch overstep that comes part and parcel with regular tubs – no need to depend on anyone else to help you bathe. The advantages derived from this simple bathroom fixture are staggering.

Safety comes part and parcel with handicap tubs. The manufacturers know that the product has been designed to provide convenience and accessibility to users and, so, nifty little add-ons are usually part of the package. There are handicap tub designs that come with a built in bench so you can sit rather than stand while bathing. These tubs also have safety bars or grips to make maneuvering easier for the user. The walk-in door of the tub can be chosen in accordance with the needs of the user – swing-in for wheelchair bound users and swing-out for smaller bathroom spaces. You can even choose to customize the tub and turn it into a relaxing spa for you to enjoy.

Handicap tubs are much safer for mobility challenged users as compared to conventional tubs. They are easier to clean as well and have faster draining mechanisms that allow the user to be out of the tub and wrapped up in a towel faster. But most importantly, they save you from the frustration and humiliation of having to depend on someone else for your daily hygiene needs. Having the power to take care of yourself, in however small a way, is a huge morale booster.

So choose the independence of handicap tubs over traditional tubs and enjoy safety, comfort, and convenience in your bathing time.