Posted on November 21st, 2017.

If you are looking for the right walk-in tub to install in your home for the benefit of the ageing or handicapped loved one living with you, it may be time to think beyond the usual safety features that come part and parcel with such a fixture. Modern bath technology is now able to allow users to access the health and wellness benefits of hydrotherapy, even when they are using a walk-in tub. Allow this blog post to introduce you to the world of jetted walk-in tubs and help you understand the many advantages that your beloved family member will stand to gain from using such a bathroom fixture on a daily basis.

  • Jetted walk-in tubs allow the user to enjoy a therapeutic water massage every time they decide to take a bath. This will help relieve much of the stress, pain and pressure that has been causing agonizing pain and discomfort in their body.
  • Hydrotherapy has been known to have benefits for the human body’s circulation system. The combination of hot water and a jet massage can help restore the user’s blood pressure to a healthy state while ensuring that enough oxygen reaches every part of their body.
  • Jetted walk-in tubs also have a detoxification effect on the body of a user. The dirt, grime and pollution that has been absorbed by a user’s skin is removed through the gentle massage of the water jet that opens pores and has deep cleansing benefits.
  • The feeling of bathing in a jetted walk-in bath is quite akin to being weightless in space. The experience is so enjoyable that most users report their troubles whiled away and their senses relaxed as a result of a therapeutic bath in the tub. It can be a great stress reliever and cure for sleep disorders.
  • Once a user has enjoyed a few good minutes in a jetted walk-in tub, they are guaranteed to come out energized and awakened with a clearer, more relaxed and calm mind than before.

So you see – spending a little extra on a jetted walk-in bath will definitely pay you back manifolds. What do you think?