Posted on October 7th, 2017.

If you live with seniors or a family member with a disability, it is important to fall-proof the house and install adaptive devices and accessibility systems designed to make their lives easier. And when statistics indicate that a majority of household accidents occur in the bathroom, this is the area where you should be giving special attention. Step-in bathtubs usually fall on top of the list of safety features that you should be installing in your bathroom for supporting senior independence. Here is some advice that you can follow for choosing the right step-in bathtub for your home:

Know your needs and wants

Step-in bathtubs come equipped with a variety of additional features and will usually affect the cost of the acquisition you are about to make. Think carefully before deciding on whether you actually need that inline heater, hydrotherapy system or air massager before actually investing money on it. Knowing your requirements beforehand will help you in making the right product choice while ensuring your budget doesn’t overshoot in this purchase.

Be proactive and think ahead

Purchases of this kind are not made too often and so, you would want to think ahead about the accessibility requirements of your family member and choose a step-in bathtub that will prove to be useful for them in future as well. The bathtub transfer bench, additional grip, safety bar, and other important features that might seem to be unnecessary now will come in exceedingly handy in case the health condition of your family member demands for it later on.

Warranty and support features

Figuring out the warranty specs offered with your step-in bathtub is an important precaution to take before finally making the acquisition. The tub and its parts, the plumbing and fixtures, water tight seal on the door, heaters, pumps and blowers – all are covered differently by different manufacturers. The kind of usage and installation support provided by the supplier is also an important factor to consider while making this purchase.

Just keep these factors in mind when choosing the right step-in bathtub for your mobility challenged loved one. These tips will definitely help you in picking out the right product to install in your bathroom.