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Barrier Free Shower For Seniors

Barrier Free Shower For Seniors


Stepping into and out of the shower can be especially perilous for people as they age or for anyone who suffers from mobility challenges. That is why Safety Bath is pleased to offer customers access to a line of barrier-free showers meant to address common concerns. Our designs provide a safer, smarter alternative to traditional shower and shower/tub models that may be difficult for the elderly or mobility challenged to access safely on their own.

Barrier-free showers are designed to serve in place of traditional showers or shower-tub combinations. This type of shower eliminates the 20-inch step over a standard tub model demands or the smaller step over of a regular shower stall. In place of the potentially perilous step is a nonslip pan that sits nearly flush to the floor, but just high enough to prevent water from leaking out and creating another hazard. The barrier-free showers in our product line are all created with a full wood backing that allows for easy placement of grab bars wherever they are needed. In addition, our showers are available with several tile styles to lend beauty to the designs.

When a barrier-free shower is installed in a home or other setting, seniors and people with mobility challenges will find their safety in the bathroom is enhanced greatly. For those who once required assistance getting into and out of the shower, the addition of a barrier-free shower may also restore a sense of independence while removing the fear of falling in the shower. To enhance the experience, our barrier-free showers are also designed to accommodate seating, which can be incredibly helpful for people who have trouble standing throughout a shower.

When mobility concerns make showering without assistance impossible or ill-advised, changing the configuration of the stall itself may restore independence and dignity to people with handicaps and seniors who can no longer move like they once did. To find out more about the advantages Safety Bath barrier-free showers deliver, explore our products online or contact us today! Our multi-piece showers are expertly designed for easy installation in any situation and are constructed with durability in mind.