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Barrier-Free Shower

Walk in Showers for the Elderly & Handicapped


Our Barrier-Free Shower offers a non-slip pan and is manufactured with a full wood backing.
This allow grab bars to be placed anywhere they’re needed for optimal safety and comfort.


  • 2 Stainless Steel Grab Bars
  • 22”x 16” Padded Seat
  • Gray Water Dam
  • Hand Held Shower Wand with Glide Bar
  • Delta, 4 Port Mixing Valve
  • Shower Curtain, Curtain Rod & rings

Be Secure in Your Shower with Safety Bath

Stepping over a high threshold, transitioning from one slippery surface to another without an aid to keep you stable, like a grab bar, can be a worry and be dangerous. Negating these issues which can be a leading cause of slips, trips and falls in the bathroom, is what we are constantly trying to improve upon here at Safety Bath Walk-in Tubs.  Our Phoenix Barrier Free Shower System comes with everything you need to make showering a pleasant experience again. Our showers are built with a full wood backing to allow you to install the two supplied grab bars anywhere you need – securely, and an ADA padded seat to ensure your safety.  From low ¾” thresholds and sizes that can fit in all spaces, contact us today to have any questions you have, answered.

Shower Safely

Stepping over the available ¾” threshold into your shower will make showering easier and a more pleasant experience for you.  Sit down on the padded seat and enjoy the warm spray.  Showering feels great, is invigorating and efficient.  Showers are also a great environmental option as the amount of water used, is noticeable less than a traditional tub. Installation of our Barrier free showers is also straight forward due to the five-piece design that can be easily carried into any bathroom and the snap lock design, means each panel snaps in place before being secured to the walls making installation simpler.  With Safety Bath’s full product line of Walk-in tubs and Barrier Free Showers, we are confident that we have a safe bathing solution for you. For more information about our bathroom safety products and turning your bathroom into a Barrier Free Bathroom, contact us today.