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Bath Transfer Bench: A Helpful Tool for Older People

Posted on August 30th, 2017.

Getting older has its share of ups and downs. While those senior citizen discounts may come in handy for keeping the budget in line, mobility challenges can pose real concerns. Some people may even find that getting around their own homes becomes more difficult – and potentially perilous – the older they get. If it’s time to address some common concerns around the home, the bathroom is the best place to start. For many older people, a bath transfer bench can make a big difference.

Bath transfer benches are extremely helpful tools for older people. The benches are intended to provide older people a place to sit while they are in the shower or bath. They also make it safer for people to get into and out of the tub by enabling them to slide in or out of the water. For those who use walkers, canes, or wheelchairs to get around, this addition can be a huge benefit.

Bath transfer benches can be designed for installation in two main ways: permanent or semi-permanent. If a transfer bench is required for extended use, custom designs that are intended for permanent installation may prove to be the best investment. This style of bench affixes to the bathtub wall and can fold up or down for use as desired. Other designs are meant to be removed as needed. Rather than affix to the tub permanently, they have suction cups on their feet to allow easy installation and removal.

Regardless of the style selected, bath transfer benches can be very helpful tools for these reasons and more:

They make it easier for older people to get into the bathtub –

Benches can remove the need for people to step over a tub or shower wall to gain access to the bathing area. In doing so, they remove very common slip-and-fall hazards.

They provide respite when needed –

Some older people may simply not be able to stand in a shower for its duration or submerge in a tub. Benches provide a safe place to sit while showering or bathing.

Creating a safer bathroom environment can be a big concern as people age. Bath transfer benches provide an affordable option that can make a big difference for many.