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Bathtub Benches – A Safe, Smart Choice for Everyone

Posted on July 31st, 2017.

People who are elderly or suffer from disabilities aren’t the only ones who can benefit from bathroom safety upgrades. One simple, highly affordable addition to any bathroom can, in fact, help lower the risk of accidents in this frequently perilous room. Bathtub benches provide functionality, stability and comfort that anyone of any age can enjoy.

A bathtub bench is a special addition that places a leveled platform across the back or front of a shower or tub. This bench is made for sitting and can also be used to help promote the safe transfer of a mobility challenged person from outside the tub to its interior and back again. Bathtub benches or seats can also be selected that are fully contained within the bathing area if access is not a concern or has already been addressed.

Here are just some of the benefits bathtub benches can deliver for users of any age and mobility level:

  • A safer place for tending to personal hygiene – Even people with no mobility or stability concerns whatsoever can benefit from bathtub benches. If the bath or shower is used for shaving and other routine hygiene functions, standing can prove to be dangerous. This is especially so if dizziness is ever a concern. A bathtub bench simply provides an excellent place to sit while tending to these issues.
  • A security net – People of any age can suffer slips, falls and trips in the shower or tub. A bathtub bench provides a stable point to steady oneself if slips occur.
  • A comfortable place to sit and enjoy the healing benefits of water – Hot showers and long soaks in the tub can ease muscle tension and promote relaxation. A bathtub bench provides the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the experience. These seats are built for comfort in addition to safety.

Bathrooms are often considered as one of the most dangerous rooms in any home. Accidents in the bathroom are linked to thousands of trips to the emergency room each year for people across the globe. Simple, affordable upgrades like bathtub benches can promote safety while adding comfort and functionality to this room.