Posted on October 16th, 2017.

The process of making your bathroom wheelchair friendly and safe for seniors calls for making a plethora of smart choices. Simply deciding on getting a walk-in tub installed in your space isn’t enough. Many more critical selections will have to be made to transform your bathing space into a truly convenient place for your loved one. One such choice is the type of bathtub door that will work perfectly in terms of the user’s special needs. This blog post will elaborate the topic further.

Types of bathtub doors

Walk-in bathtub doors are designed to ensure that the user can easily step into or out of the tub space and to prevent water from escaping out when the door is sealed shut. Meeting these two requirements is the main design objective with which these tubs have been developed. And so, to cater to different needs of different users, the following bathtub door types have been introduced:

Swing In

Tubs with these kind of doors are usually larger in size to accommodate the door as it will swing open inside the bathing space. While the door wouldn’t occupy additional bathroom space, the tub itself will require more room for installation. The biggest and perhaps only challenge in using swing-in bathtub doors is the fact that you cannot open the same until the water inside the tub is drained out completely. Only then will the pressure against the door will be released, following which the user will be able to swing it open and step out.

Suitable for: Users who need a wheelchair

Necessity: Bigger bathroom space

Challenge: Making emergency exits

Swing Out

Swing out bathtub doors need extra space outside of the tub for the door to open and close. On the flip side however, tubs with such doors take up much less space as compared to swing in doors, especially when their door has been sealed shut. Swing out doors are also easy to open, even when there is water inside the tub which will simply spill out as soon as it finds a route to flow. This also means that these doors are easier and more convenient to use in case the user has to make an emergency exit. They only challenge that these doors pose is for people with movement disabilities who will find it tough to maneuver their wheelchairs around the out-swinging door to step inside the tub.

Suitable for: Users without movement disabilities

Necessity: Room to open and close the door

Challenge: Maneuvering around the door to get in, especially for wheelchair users

Make sure you choose the right kind of bathtub door for your loved one in accordance with the specific needs to guarantee their safety, comfort, and bathing space accessibility. Hope the above points will help you in making this choice.