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How Bathtub Doors Enhance Safety and Accessibility

Posted on September 5th, 2017.

Creating a safer, more accessible bathroom is a priority in many homes. Whether the decision to tackle concerns in this room is prompted by a family member’s age, disability or just a general desire to remove common household hazards, bathtub doors make a big difference. This upgrade is one that enhances safety and accessibility immediately by directly addressing common, fall and slip hazards in the home.

Bathtub doors are designed to address the step over traditional bathtubs demand from people to gain access to the water. Typical tubs have walls that are about 20 inches in height, creating a serious concern for people with disabilities, balance issues, and mobility concerns. This step over can also prove perilous for anyone at any age if slip hazards, such as pooled water, are present. Bathtub doors address the concerns by eliminating the need to climb or step over to get in the tub by enabling access through a swinging door. This door sits as flush to the floor as possible, allowing users to walk into the tub. Since the door closes watertight, concerns about leaking or spills are also addressed.

Families considering bathtub doors will find there are two main options available to them:

  • Retrofit kits – When a full tub replacement isn’t desired, this alternative provides a cost-effective way to enjoy the safety and accessibility of bathtub doors. Kits are designed to be inserted into a traditional tub that has been modified for this type of installation. Professionals are recommended for performing the work to ensure a safe, reliable installation.
  • Walk-in tubs – It is also possible to completely replace an existing traditional tub with a model that is designed to provide bathtub doors. Known as a “walk-in tub,” this style may offer other advantages, such as slip-resistant flooring, seating and grab bars. Some models can be upgraded to include safety features such as whirlpool jets and heated seating.

Bathtub doors provide an instant way to improve safety and accessibility in the bathroom. When it’s time to address common hazards at home, this upgrade can be a valuable one for reducing risks.