Posted on December 14th, 2017.

Many people believe bathtub doors to be an unnecessary luxury. Some even cite the hassle they can be when you consider the long wait one must endure to allow all the water to drain out before exiting the bathing area. But ask the kids or senior members of your family and they will tell you just how much of a difference this simple installation has created in their lives. Ask a disabled individual and they will tell you how a bathtub door allows them to do personal hygiene tasks without having to depend on someone for support. These are the people for whom bathtub doors have emerged as a blessing. And believe it or not, some day you too will be old and ailing and a bathtub door will become your ally too!

So to answer the question – are bathtub doors really required, the answer is YES!

Regular tubs have a solid wall that one must climb over in order to access the bathing space. The same wall needs to be crossed again when one is exiting the tub. The task of managing this significant overstep involves lifting your leg up a considerable number of inches, twisting your foot on the floor, placing your lifted foot in the tub and bringing the other leg in as well. Most tubs have smooth floors which make them a slipping hazard as it is. Add the climbing-over maneuver to the equation and what you get is a task that a mobility challenged individual such as an elderly user or a disabled person will find virtually impossible. Even small children will find a regular tub wall to be an insurmountable obstruction. Bathtub doors however, can help solve this problem.

All that a user needs to do now is open the door, step into the tub as they normally would on any flat surface and close the door behind them. No climbing over needed! These doors can make a bathtub so much more accessible and safe to use for every individual in a family. Plus, they add to the self-confidence of mobility challenged users who no longer have to take someone else’s help and support to get in and out of the bathtub. Now that is a benefit that makes a bathtub door a truly worthwhile investment. What do you think?