Posted on October 15th, 2017.

Making the bathroom more convenient and safe is a big priority for anyone dealing with mobility issues. This space might be small but for someone who is wheel-chair bound or is facing lack of strength and balance, the bathroom can pose more safety risks and challenges than any other section of the house. And while getting into and out of the bathtub can be made more comfortable with a walk-in door, you will still need a reliable and efficient way to help you manage this task securely. In such cases, a bathtub transfer bench can greatly improve the comfort levels of the user while maintaining safety and convenience at all times.

How can a bathtub transfer bench help?

    • The bench becomes an easy way for wheelchair bound users to climb into the bathtub and use it for their bathing requirements without facing unnecessary challenges
    • The bench also serves as a means for users to steady themselves and maintain balance as they get into or out of the bathtub.
    • Bathtub transfer benches can help mobility challenged users with managing the 20-inch overstep obstacle that is necessary to overcome with traditional design tubs. All that a user has to do now is take a seat on the bench and slide in our out.
    • Bathtub transfer benches are also useful for elderly users who may find getting around the house difficult. The additional seat is highly versatile and easily accessible, even if one uses a cane or a walker.
    • Women find bathtub transfer benches to be extra useful for carrying out their personal hygiene routines in a more comfortable manner. Shaving your legs or getting a home-pedicure, everything is more convenient with a bathtub transfer bench.
    • If you are one who enjoys dipping their feet in warm water at the end of a long day, a bathtub transfer bench can become the ideal place for your daily relaxation ritual. Just fill up the tub with tepid water and take a seat on the bench with your feet soaking as its wonderful warmth wash your troubles away.

In short, a bathtub transfer bench offers safety and convenience, not just for the mobility challenged individual but for their entire family as well.