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Bathtubs with Jets

Safety Bath walk-in bathtubs aren’t just designed to enhance bathing safety and accessibility. When a walk-in tub with jets is introduced into a home or other setting, customers can enjoy a relaxing spa experience any time they desire. This common upgrade for Safety Bath walk-in tubs transforms a bathing vessel into a therapeutic device that can help ease muscle tension, reduce aches and

pains and even melt away stress at the end of a long day.

When heated water jets are selected as an option for a safety Bath walk-in tub, the jets are installed directly into the walls of tub. The option transforms a standard walk-in tub into a personal whirlpool. When the feature is activated, hot or warm water from the tub is suctioned into a whirlpool pump and redistributed through each special jet. The strategic positioning of the jets enables them to give a very thorough and vigorous massage. The massage that results is meant to not only relax everyday tension away, but also help eliminate toxins that may have built up in muscles. Lactic acid, for example, may accumulate during intense workouts, causing pain as muscles are deprived of oxygen. The jets also help repair muscle damage experienced during workouts or caused by injury.

At Safety Bath, each of our walk-in tub designs is created first and foremost to eliminate the safety and accessibility concerns traditional bathtubs pose. With swing-in or swing-out doors, our tubs get rid of the 20-inch step over that makes traditional tubs such a potential hazard. When upgrades, such as jets are added to our models, the benefits these specialized tubs deliver increase tremendously. Heated water jets can help those with arthritis, muscle problems, people who have suffered injuries and individuals who are simply seeking to relax enjoy a much better bathing experience. One their own or used in conjunction with other additions, such as warm air massage jets, heated seat features and aroma-therapy, heated water jets simply take our walk-in bath designs to the next level.

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