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Bathtubs with Whirlpool

The full-body relaxation that comes from soaking in a whirlpool as jets of warm water vigorously massage tired, sore muscles; is an experience anyone can bring home. Safety Bath bathtubs with whirlpool enhancements provide a true spa experience at home while also delivering the distinct safety features that make walk-in bathtubs so highly sought after in homes and commercial settings where people with mobility challenges require special accommodations.

Safety Bath bathtubs with whirlpool enhancements deliver all the features that make this style of tub recommended for people with mobility challenges. They also make a discerning choice for those seeking to improve bathroom safety whether mobility challenges are a concern or not. Each tub in our product line features a swinging door that provides easier access by removing the dangerous 20-inch step over found in standard bathtub models. With high flow taps, aluminum doors and high quality materials included in every tub we manufacture, our walk-in tub models simply deliver a safer, more enjoyable experience by design.

When a whirlpool upgrade is included in a Safety Bath bathtub, the fixture is taken to the next level. Our whirlpool designs rely on a heated water jet system to deliver therapeutic benefits. The jets are strategically placed in the walls of the tub to redistribute water in a manner that provides a thorough and vigorous massage for specific body parts. The massage delivered eases everyday tensions while also providing the added benefit of eliminating accumulated toxins in the muscles. The process reduces stress while helping repair muscles that are strained from intense workouts or damaged due to injuries.

Safety Bath has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality walk-in tubssince 1992. We are committed to provideing our customers with the most innovative designs to enhance security and comfort in the bathroom. While every walk-in tub we manufacture offers enhanced safety features, options such as whirlpool heated water jets, deliver therapeutic benefits that go beyond the traditional bathing experience. To find out more about Safety Bath bathtub with whirlpool models or any of our unique designs or enhancements, contact us today.