Posted on December 15th, 2017.

There are those who love taking long baths while being seated comfortably in a bathtub. There are others who love the quickie bathing experience of a walk-in shower. And then, there are the connoisseurs in the homeowner clan – the people who aren’t satisfied with making compromises. These are the people who want the best of both worlds and aren’t happy choosing just one option. These are the people who choose the bathtub with walk-in shower combo. Wish to know the amazing benefits of this choice? Here goes:

First of all, the bathtub and walk-in shower combo is extremely safe to use. With a nifty open and close door to enter and exit the bathing area, it allows users of all types to get in and out of the space without the hassle of having to manage the giant overstep that is usually there with conventional tubs. Such a design happens to be perfect for users with mobility issues such as seniors as well as people facing disabilities and handicaps and wheelchair bound individuals.

Next, the bathtub and walk- in shower combo allows users to enjoy both kinds of bathing formats. A user can enjoy a long and relaxing bath in the tub as well as a fast and convenient shower, as per the demand of the situation. These bathing areas are extremely customizable which means you can easily add additional features like a shower bench, handrails and grab bars, hand held shower jets, Jacuzzi jets, hydrotherapy fittings and other interesting options to make your baths even more convenient and enjoyable.

And finally, the combo options are super easy to clean and maintain and can be designed to glam up your bathroom just the way you like it. Add colored tiles, fancy fixtures, dramatic lights or snazzy glass enclosures around your bathing area to make it stand out and shine.

What do you say then? Isn’t the bathtub and walk-in shower combo the perfect option for your home too?