Posted on December 12th, 2017.

Entering and exiting a bathtub is a task that is loaded with risks. Managing the large overstep that is needed to climb over the tub wall is tough to manage for a regular individual. Now imagine what a nightmare it would be for a disabled person or a wheelchair bound individual or say, your grandma or grandpa who aren’t all that confident about walking to begin with! That is why people all over the country are slowly migrating towards the step-in tub with shower – a wonderful bathroom installation that takes out all the risks while providing you with the wonderfully comfortable bathing experience you always wanted. Let’s look at the many amazing benefits that one can derive from getting a step-in tub with shower installed in their bathroom:

    • These tubs are designed to make entering and exiting the bathing area as convenient and safe as possible. They have a door that opens and closes, allowing a user to walk into the bathing area rather than climb over the tub wall.
    • Step-in tubs with showers provide you with the best of both worlds. You can take that wonderfully long and relaxing bath in the tub and enjoy a quick shower as well, as and when the need arises. No compromises on bathing ever!
    • Step-in tubs with showers also have various other safety features like anti-slip floors, safety bars and rails for support and even a seat for users who find regular tub seating to be tough to manage. These features make them perfect for use by mobility challenged individuals.
    • These tubs aren’t an unnecessary expenditure! Most users view a step-in bathtub with shower to be like an investment for the future. If you are in your mid-forties or have parents nearing an elderly age living with you, getting one of these tubs for your home will definitely be a good idea.

Step-in tubs with showers are an amazing invention. They allow each and every member of a family to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience without the inherent risks. Getting one for your home is definitely a good idea.