Posted on December 1st, 2017.

Walk-in tubs are all the rage these days. Prudent adults are choosing to invest in this handy bathroom fixture to prevent unnecessary hassles in the later years of their lives when climbing in and out of a tub will become a challenge for them owing to ageing limbs. So if you are choosing to invest in such an option for your home, you are definitely making a fine choice. But take a moment and think – why not go the extra mile and get a little luxury thrown along into the package? Why not consider investing your money in a walk-in whirlpool tub with shower?

“What is there to gain?” you may ask…this blogpost will list out all the benefits that you can enjoy if you have a walk-in whirlpool tub with shower installed in your home. Here goes:

The walk-in feature

Of course, the real reason why you chose to make this investment in the first place is convenience. You wish to enjoy getting in and out of your bathtub with ease without running the risk of slipping or falling on unsteady aged feet as you climb in and out of your existing conventional tub. This new product has a handy door located at the side that you can open to step in and out of the tub, just like you would walk in and out of a room. No more lifting your leg over the side wall of a bathtub while holding on to the shower rail for dear life! This feature makes bathing so much safer and easier, don’t you think?

The whirlpool feature

Whirlpool tubs allow users to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy, which, in the later years of your life, will prove to be an excellent way to relax your aching muscles and joints. Arthritis, sleep issues, depression, headaches, migraines, blood pressure problems and even nervous system disorders – many of these age related health problems can be successfully alleviated using the hydrotherapy benefits of a whirlpool tub. Plus the experience of being weightless in water is an ultra-relaxing experience indeed!

The shower feature

Most walk-in tubs come fitted with an extendable shower head that you can use to enjoy the regular shower bath that you are so accustomed to taking every day. These are perfect for the situation when you may be in a hurry and don’t have enough time for the full-fledged bath tub soak in routine. Plus, having a handy shower head is much easier than using a static, wall mounted shower as it allows you to sit and bathe yourself inside the tub with ease.

What more can you ask for? Get a walk-in whirlpool tub with shower for your home today!