Posted on December 16th, 2017.

Most seniors prefer living on their own. Privacy and independence are important values that they cherish but old age seems to get the better of them sometimes. These are the times when smart installations such as safety bathtubs can come in handy. Making changes around the house to make it more accessible, safe and comfortable for an elderly individual can be a tricky affair. Not only are you making a decision that will affect their quality of life but also one that will have a direct impact on the user’s happiness, self-confidence and privacy. So if you have been charged with the responsibility of choosing safety bathtubs for seniors, whether to install in an old age home or their own private residence, use the tips mentioned below to ensure your purchase decision ends up being the right one for them:

    • Quality is paramount when it comes to safety bathtubs for old people. There is no point in getting a tub with a handrail that can be pulled down with just a little weight or a tub door that gets its hinges stuck every time it is opened or closed. You need to make sure that the product you are selecting is of the highest quality and will offer lasting utility to the seniors who will be using it on a daily basis.
    • Try and ensure that you choose a safety bathtub whose door swings out rather than into the tub. This simple change will provide more space for them to move inside the tub and ensure that the door doesn’t become a hindrance to comfortable walking. Outside swinging doors are also beneficial for wheelchair bound users by providing them with more room to roll in and out of the tub.
    • Try and get a safety bathtub with additional features like grab bars, no-slip floors, extendable shower head, handy storage space, and hot water faucets. You can also get a tub with hydrotherapy massage features that will help elderly users in relaxing their aching muscles with a comfortable therapeutic bath.

Just use these three tips to choose the best safety bathtub for elderly users. All the best with your purchase!