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Why Choose a Sitting Bathtub and For Whom?

Posted on August 26th, 2017.

Sitting bathtubs are a distinct design that many people associate with therapy rooms or luxury spas. Intended to provide a comfortable place for people to lounge while they soak in heated water to ease tension, relax sore muscles, and promote circulation, these designs aren’t just for professional settings any longer. Sitting bathtub models are widely available for home use and can even be used to replace existing fixtures.

Sitting bathtub designs typically include walk-in door designs to help improve accessibility for those who need it. This singular safety feature has made this style of tub very popular for those with elderly or disabled loved ones. It has also become a choice upgrade in any home where there is a desire to improve bathroom safety by removing common trip-and-fall hazards. Since sitting bathtubs may also be upgraded with whirlpool and other therapeutic features, many people are selecting this style of tub as a matter of choice to enhance luxury in the bathroom.

While the motivations for seeking out a sitting bathtub may vary, these tubs are ideal for:

  • Anyone with mobility challenges – When seating in the tub combines with a swinging door entry point, bathtubs and showers become much more user-friendly for the elderly and disabled. By creating a space that is easier for people to navigate on their own, these tubs can help those who face mobility issues enjoy a safer, more private experience while bathing.
  • Anyone looking to improve home safety – Most accidents happen at home. The majority of those accidents occur in the bathroom. Sitting bathtubs that offer swinging door entry points address some of the most common hazards found in the bathroom. This point makes them suitable in any home where accident prevention is a priority.
  • Anyone who is looking for a luxury upgrade for their bathroom – Sitting bathtubs are luxury upgrades for traditional bathrooms when certain extra features are built into their designs. Heated seating, aromatherapy, and whirlpool jets, for example, can create a spa-like experience in any home.

Sitting bathtubs offer a unique option for improving bathroom safety and luxury for anyone. If it’s time to make an upgrade, be sure to work with a local retailer to select the right style and arrange for professional installation.