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Why Consider Hydrotherapy in Walk-In Bathtubs

Posted on August 13th, 2017.

People who are affected by mobility concerns, be they age or disability related, often find getting into and out of a standard tub challenging. This routine task, taken for granted by so many, may even be impossible for some. Walk-in bathtubs are uniquely designed to help those who are elderly or suffer from disabilities overcome access and safety challenges. Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs take this commonly recommended safety upgrade to a whole new level that the entire family can benefit from.

Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs are designed to combine the safety benefits of this basic mobility aid with spa-quality features. The end result is a luxurious, sleek bathtub design that can enhance any home. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider hydrotherapy designs instead of a basic walk-in tub:

  • The inherent hazard reductions – Even the highest end, most luxurious hydrotherapy walk-in tubs boast all the safety features that make them an excellent choice for people who are disabled or elderly. These features include a watertight swinging door that makes getting in easier and cuts slip and fall risks dramatically. Built-in seating, grab bars and slip-resistant flooring are also commonly included. The features combine to simply make bathing a safer, easier experience. Elderly and disabled people who were once unable to bathe independently may even find the features restore their ability to address personal hygiene without assistance.
  • The therapeutic benefits – Hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs may include a variety of features from hot-water jets and heated seats to aromatherapy. These features create a spa-like experience the entire family can enjoy, but the potential benefits may go well beyond. Hydrotherapy tubs can help reduce stress, ease pain, lower blood pressure and even promote healing of injured muscles and soft tissues. In addition, they can promote improved range of motion. If warm air massage jets are also included, symptoms related to conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and other concerns may be eased, as well.

Walk-in bathtubs make an extraordinary choice in any home where mobility concerns need to be addressed. Hydrotherapy tubs take the experience well beyond by not only enhancing safety, but also by providing tangible therapeutic benefits.