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Custom Walk-In Bathtubs for Elders, Disabled People Deliver Benefits

Posted on August 8th, 2017.

People who are older or suffer from disabilities that make using their hands, arms or legs difficult often find many normal daily tasks beyond their ability to perform. One of the tasks that can be especially challenging is bathing. Due to an inability to access a tub, those with mobility challenges may not be able to enjoy a leisurely soak or even address routine personal hygiene requirements without assistance. Fortunately, custom walk-in bathtubs provide the perfect solution.

Custom walk-in bathtubs are special designs that are crafted to address safety and accessibility issues. These tubs are designed specifically to fit the space where they’ll be used and may offer a number of upgrades that can make the bathing experience even more enjoyable. Here are just a few of the reasons why these tubs provide an ideal solution for many people who face mobility concerns:

  • They are easier to get into and out of – Custom walk-in tubs may vary based on size and included features, but they all boast easier accessibility. This style of tub eliminates the 20-inch step over required to access traditional tubs. It does so through the use of a watertight swinging door that makes it simpler for people who use walkers, canes or wheelchairs to gain access. This feature alone makes walk-in tubs an essential choice for many homes.
  • They can provide other safety features – Many walk-in tubs also offer built-in seating, flooring that is slip resistant and grab bars. These features combine to make bathing safer by addressing common slip-and-fall hazards. They also create a more stable environment in which to bathe.
  • They can offer spa-quality luxury – Upgrades like heated seating, hot-water jets, aromatherapy and others may all be added to custom walk-in tubs. These features transform a walk-in tub into a spa-quality design that can deliver therapeutic benefits to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help heal damaged muscles and tissue and more.

If a walk-in tub would help make bathing a safer, more enjoyable experience for a loved one, custom designs provide the perfect fit. To find out more or get guidance on selecting a suitable design, contact your local walk-in tub retailer. These professionals can come out and access the space to ensure the perfect tub is installed for home use.