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Different Choices for Handicap Bathtubs

Posted on September 6th, 2017.

Enhancing bathroom accessibility and safety for yourself or a loved one who suffers from mobility issues can be achieved through the addition of a handicap bathtub. This style of tub is designed to make getting into and out of the bathing area less challenging while offering safety enhancements anyone can benefit from. What consumers may not realize, however, is that there are several choices to consider.

Handicap bathtubs may be created using retrofit kits, but full replacement models are also available. Here’s what makes them different:

  • Walk-in tub kits – This upgrade is designed to work with an existing traditional tub. It involves modifying the tub wall and then installing a special insert that enables entry to the tub through a swinging door. Intended to make getting into the tub easier by eliminating the need to step over a high wall, this relatively simple solution can prove to be an effective, affordable way to gain the benefits of a handicap tub without having to purchase a full replacement fixture. Tub door kits should be selected with the help of a retailer and professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure a safe, watertight fit.
  • Complete walk-in tubs – This choice for improving handicap accessibility in the bathroom calls for purchasing a new tub. These models, which also feature swinging doors, can be selected to replace a traditional tub completely. There are also smaller designs available if there is a need to equip another area at home for bathing purposes. Although more expensive than retrofit kits, this option is selected by many because of the other benefits often provided. Walk-in tubs may also be outfitted with seating, slip-resistant flooring and other features that go beyond traditional fixtures. It is also possible to purchase enhancements, such as whirlpool jets, that can transform these tubs into therapeutic, spa-like models. Professional installation is also strongly suggested to ensure proper placement and functionality.

Handicap bathtubs are intended to make bathing safer for people who suffer from mobility challenges. There are options available that can help families address their specific needs and budgetary requirements. To find the right style of tub, be sure to work closely with a retailer that offers expertise in walk-in tub designs and other equipment meant to help address mobility challenges.