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How to Find the Best Choice for Walk-In Bathtubs

Posted on August 31st, 2017.

Making the decision to retrofit a wet room or replace an existing tub with a walk-in bathtub model is an excellent choice. This upgrade from a traditional tub can enhance bathroom safety for users of all ages. For those with age- or disability-related mobility challenges, the purchase can provide greater accessibility to the tub and may even restore the ability for independent use of this often difficult-to-navigate room. Choosing the right design, however, is a little more complicated than many people think.

If the decision has been made to upgrade to a walk-in bathtub, these tips can help buyers find the perfect model:

  • Set the budget before looking – Walk-in bathtub designs can range rather greatly. On the most affordable end, special inserts that are used to modify traditional tubs can provide the desired accessibility benefits. For those with a larger budget, a luxury walk-in tub with whirlpool and other features may be the better choice. When setting the budget, do consider any tax breaks or insurance coverage that may offset the cost. If a loved one needs such a tub for medical reasons, there may be financial assistance available.
  • Consider the available space – If the plan is to replace a traditional tub with a walk-in model, a full-sized replacement will likely be required. For wet room retrofits, measure the space carefully. There are smaller size walk-in tubs available that can serve in rooms other than the bathroom.
  • Be mindful of must-have features – If helping an elderly or disabled loved one enjoy independence in the bathroom is the main goal, other safety features may be advisable. Some walk-in tub models offer slip-resistant flooring, built-in seating, grab bars and other enhancements. Should the tub also be desired for use by the whole family or for therapeutic benefits, consider spa-quality upgrades like water jets and aromatherapy.

While the above tips can help in the selection of a walk-in tub model, there is one more to pay very close attention to. When selecting a walk-in tub, be sure to work closely with a reputable retailer. These professionals can help consumers select the perfect tub to meet their budgets, their space requirements and their feature needs, as well. The best can even offer valuable assistance with professional installation, which is always recommended.