Posted on October 4th, 2017.

If you have a disabled individual living under your care, making your home more accessible and convenient for their use will be your number one priority. Many changes will have to be made around your living space to allow your loved one to live life with more comfort and convenience while enjoying independence and self-reliance in their daily activities. And as you might have already figured out by now, a majority of these transformations will be centered around your bathroom. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to choose the right bathtub for your disabled family member that will ensure comfort and ease of use for them.

The choice of bathtub will be guided by the level of mobility that your loved one is able to manage. Disability bathtubs are available with swing in and swing out door options. The former is more suitable for smaller bathrooms but creates an obstruction and is difficult to maneuver for the person as he/she is getting into the tub. The latter is easier to enter and exit from but will take up more space in the bathroom as the door swings out to open and close.

When selecting a bathtub for a disabled family member, you will also need to factor in their height and comfort as well. The seat in the tub should be smartly positioned to allow the user to sit down and stand up from conveniently. Its height should allow for maximum comfort so that the user can sit for a long period of time without feeling any additional aches and pains. The tubs should be spacious enough for free movement and be made from a no-slip material that prevents accidents. Faster draining of water is another desirable quality that will allow the user to open the door quickly and move out. Bathing fixtures should be close enough for them to reach and operate on their own. There should also be a storage space nearby to keep bath products within convenient reach. An additional safety bar to take support of while moving will also be an advantage.

In short, choosing a bathtub for your disabled loved one is a task that should be aimed towards maintaining and preserving their comfort, convenience, privacy, hygiene, and independence. Hope this information will help you in making the right selection.