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The Health Benefits of Jetted Walk In Tubs for Handicapped Persons

Posted on May 18th, 2017.

Jetted walk in tub designs offer benefits for handicapped people and other users that go well beyond enhanced safety in the bathroom. While standard walk in tub models are meant to create a safer experience for disabled people and the elderly, jetted models take the benefits to a whole new level. 

Depending on the model of jetted walk in tub selected, people with disabilities are likely to find these benefits go along with use:

  • Pain relief – Walk in tubs that offer heated water jets are highly recommended for people with handicaps, those with arthritis, individuals with muscle complaints and more. This type of tub operates in a similar fashion to a whirlpool or spa by targeting heated water at the body. In doing so, the jets can provide a vigorous massage that leaves people feeling relief from pain, inflammation and other complaints. While not necessarily a replacement for other forms of therapy, these tubs can help make other treatments more effective.


  • Greater circulation – People with handicaps and the elderly may find it difficult to exercise and really get the blood flowing. Jetted walk in tubs that provide hot-water massages promote blood circulation, which can be important for maintaining overall health.


  • Relaxation – Stress relief is simply important for everyone. Jetted walk in tubs provide an excellent way for people with disabilities to enjoy the stress relieving benefits of long, hot soaks. These benefits may include lowered blood pressure, enhanced sleep and more.


Jetted walk in tubs are often recommended for handicapped persons because of the safety features built into their designs. These tubs are generally much easier for people with disabilities to access because they don’t require a 20-inch step over. With swing-in or swing-out doors and safety seats, most people can access this type of tub with little or no assistance at all. If enhanced health benefits are desired, jetted models and those with features such as heated seats, aromatherapy and shower hoses can serve very well.