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Why Hire a Professional to Install a Walk-In Bathtub?

Posted on August 10th, 2017.

As more families discover the benefits walk-in bathtubs have to offer, the demand for this style of fixture is growing. What was once simply an aid to help the elderly or disabled enjoy greater accessibility and safety in the bathroom is fast becoming a popular choice for people of all ages and mobility levels. Installing this type of tub, however, is a task that calls for professional attention. Even the savviest of do-it-yourselfers will find this project is best left to the pros.

Walk-in tubs are unique designs that are meant to address many common safety and accessibility issues in the bathroom. Offering a watertight swinging door that allows people to get into and out of the tub without stepping over a standard 20-inch wall, this type of tub is recommended for people who are no longer steady on their feet. It can also eliminate entry barriers for people who are disabled. More homeowners are choosing this style of tub regardless of mobility concerns because of the safety features it provides. In addition, spa-quality upgrades like whirlpool jets can make this addition a luxurious one to any home.

Whether a walk-in tub is meant to retrofit a laundry room for use as a makeshift first-floor bathing area or the fixture will replace a traditional tub in a full-sized bathroom, professional installation makes sense for these reasons and more:

  • Ensuring the right fit is selected and installed – Working with a local walk-in tub retailor to select the right tub for a home and have it installed can result in the perfect fit. This is important for making sure the investment made is a sound one.
  • Ensuring proper connections and seals – When plumbing fixtures are improperly installed, there are risks of product failure and leakage. A professional installer with walk-in tub experience can address these concerns.
  • Ensuring a safe, trouble-free installation – When a homeowner chooses to install a tub, he or she will face the liability if the work results in damage to the tub. If a professional installer tackles the work, any problems that may arise will likely be covered.

Walk-in bathtubs make an excellent addition to any home. If it’s time to consider an installation, be sure to work with a professional to ensure quality results.