Posted on November 26th, 2017.

If you have a walk-in bath tub with shower enclosure installed in your home, chances are you are living with a loved one who is facing mobility issues. Whether it is an elderly family member or a disabled loved one for whom you have opted to get the tub installed, the whole idea of making such a choice is to provide increased independence and comfort to the user while maintaining their safety and privacy. This calls for certain improvements/modifications in the bathing area that can help enhance the system’s functionality and improve the bathing experience for the user. Here is a list of things you can include in your walk in bathtub with shower enclosure to achieve that aim:

  • Go for installing guard rails and grab bars on the walk-in bathtub to provide the user with something that they can take support from when entering and exiting the shower enclosure.
  • Try and get a detachable shower head that can be extended to the place where the user will be sitting down for taking a bath. This will negate the need for them to stand while taking a shower and prevent any unnecessary risks from panning out.
  • Get thick rugs installed around the shower enclosure to cushion the user’s steps as they walk in and out of the bathing area. It will also prevent serious injuries in case the bating individual sustains a fall while using the space.
  • If your walk-in bathtub doesn’t have a textured floor surface, get a no-slip bath mat and place it in the bathing area to provide the user with better grip and more friction to prevent slipping accidents.
  • Make sure that the walk-in bathtub with shower enclosure that you choose has a sturdy and comfortable seat built in to the structure to offer the user with an option to assume a comfortable chair-like sitting position while bathing.
  • Ensure that your walk-in bathtub has an outward opening door in case the user is wheelchair bound or is a large person to save them from having to maneuver around the door at odd angles.

Just keep these basics in mind and go for all the indicated installations to be bring a marked improvement in your walk-in bathtub with shower enclosure.