Posted on October 9th, 2017.

Every design element in a bathroom must have a function. Every accent and embellishment should serve a purpose, whether it be adding more convenience for the users or providing storage space or simply uplifting the ambience of the bathroom. And so, when you choose to install a walk-in shower in your personal space, making a careful design choice becomes all the more important because this part of your bathroom will have to be ace in the hole, in terms of utility and aesthetics, both. So here are 3 popular walk-in shower designs that you can experiment with to create the perfect bathroom that is stunningly beautiful and exceedingly functional.

Walk-in showers with transparent doors

While it is necessary to create a means of separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and to avoid water from flooding the entire floor of the space, a shower door doesn’t actually have to screen off the area entirely. Using transparent doors allows light to fill the entire bathroom and get reflected off the surfaces in a more coherent way. These doors also allow your bathing space to look bigger and more expansive while drawing focus away from the more unpleasant sections of the bathroom like the WC.

Walk-in showers in the corner

These showers are designed to help maximize the floor space available in a bathroom by neatly taking up a corner section for the walk-in and leaving the rest of the area free for other essentials like the vanity, sink, and WC. Angular doors can also be used to extend the square footage of the shower area while giving it a more contemporary and sleek look. Corner walk-in shower designs also accommodate the installation of surround shower and spa systems, thereby transforming your bathroom into a relaxation haven for users.

Walk-in showers with a half wall

Having a means to separate the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom is important, simply to avoid dealing with wet floors all the time. But that doesn’t mean you should have to tuck the shower area away behind a screen entirely. For those who are not that comfortable with transparent glass doors, walk-in showers with a concrete half-wall separator can turn out to be an ideal choice. Not only does this resolve the problem of water spillage, it also provides an extra surface to hang storage units at an accessible height while making sure the bathroom has enough light and space to not look claustrophobic.

So go ahead and explore these wonderful walk-in shower designs and enjoy falling in love with your bathroom.