Posted on November 18th, 2017.

Walk-in bathtubs are an amazing bathing accessory to have in a home where an individual with mobility challenges resides. The fixture is designed to provide ultimate convenience and comfort to the user while ensuring their safety is maintained at all times. But the one thing that can make or break your walk-in bathing experience is the door of the tub that you have chosen for your bathroom. Let’s find out about the different options of bathtub doors that are available out there and attempt to understand which one is most suitable for your scenario:

Inward opening door

Walk-in tubs with inward doors are perfect for use in bathrooms where space is an issue and movement might get restricted as a result of a door that swings outside to open. While inward swinging doors don’t pose a threat or issue as such, they may prove to be a bad choice for individuals who are wheelchair bound or hefty in their body shape as they would be difficult to maneuver around.

Outward opening door

These doors, as the name suggests, swing towards the outside of the tub to grant access to a person inside. As such, they will need additional swing space free outside the bathtub in order to be properly functional. Walk-in tubs with such doors are, therefore, best suited for relatively larger bathrooms. However, these doors are perfect for wheelchair bound disabled users who will find it easy to pull open the door and slide inside rather than pushing the door in and sliding past it.

Sliding door

Walk-in tubs with sliding doors are an option but it hasn’t been that well received by users across the market for one simple reason – pushing a properly water sealed door open and shut is too much effort for a disabled individual. These doors also take up a considerable amount of space in the tub entryway and are virtually impossible to use for a disabled individual as they are not wheelchair friendly.

Hope these basics will help you in selecting a walk in tub with the right kind of door.