Posted on October 14th, 2017.

If you are mobility challenged or have an elderly or disabled loved one living with you, there will be many changes that you will have to make around the house to ensure their safety and comfort. And while most of these changes will be inclined towards improving functionality and easing accessibility, it doesn’t mean that you will have to make a compromise on the aesthetics! Take your bathroom for example. Many families choose to install walk-in shower surround kits over traditional tubs to make the bathing space more accessible for wheelchairs or walkers. So why not take this opportunity to renovate your bathroom into something truly extraordinary? Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling with shower surround kits that you can use to turn your bathroom into a safer place for your mobility challenged loved one while tweaking its ambience and retaining full functionality for the rest of your family.

Door or No Door

Surround shower kits are meant to make the bathing space easier to get in and out of. The choice of the door for this space, however, is largely guided by aesthetics. The most commonly used option here are doors made of semi-transparent glass that ensure privacy and keep water from spilling out on over the rest of the bathroom. Here you can use various designs and patterns to add a bit of elegance and style to the space. Or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and don’t mind a little water, just remove the door entirely to create a vast bathing area (perfect for small bathrooms where swing-in and swing-out doors would be a hurdle. Just remember to revamp the floor tiles to make the bathroom safe against slipping accidents.

Bench and spa

Depending upon the amount of space you have allocated for installing your shower surround kit, you can choose to create a bathing space that has an additional bench for using as a sitting option while bathing. This is a great idea for making bathing time more comfortable and convenient for your loved one, especially someone who is wheelchair bound. Plus, the rest of your family can enjoy the perks of having a sit-in shower too. And why not install a fully functional spa and sauna along with the surround shower kit to turn your bathroom into a relaxation heaven? There is so much you can do with your shower area, just by installing an additional bench.

Shower and tub

If you are a homeowner who is lucky enough to have a large bathroom, there really is no need to choose between a walk-in shower and a bathtub. Just put in shower doors to separate the bathing space from the rest of the room and have both, a tub and shower surround kit installed for your loved ones to use. There are many crafty little bathtubs available these days that can be neatly tucked away in the corner of your bathroom, leaving space free for a walk-in shower to be erected nearby. So take advantage of the big bathing space available in your home and let your family enjoy the best of both worlds.

So start thinking out-of-the-box when you are remodeling your bathroom. A shower surround kit can genuinely add functionality, accessibility, comfort, and an enhanced ambience to your bathing space while making it easy to use for everyone in the family.