Posted on October 5th, 2017.

Almost anyone will appreciate the luxury of a therapeutic bath at the end of a long day. Just soaking your body in the warm water as your muscles relax and your troubles wash away – having this facility accessible at home can be such a blessing. Even people facing health issues and mobility challenges find such a service to be beneficial. So go ahead and transform your rudimentary bathroom into your personal relaxation heaven with therapeutic walk-in tubs – a revolutionary product that can turn your simple bathing space into a full-fledged home spa.

Modern therapeutic walk-in bathtubs are designed to incorporate a host of different innovative features to enhance your bathing experience with spa-like benefits. In these products, you can expect to find:

    • Heated water jets for giving sore muscles a relaxing massage as you bathe
    • Heated seats to enhance your comfort levels while you enjoy your bathing time
    • Targeted heat channelization towards your trapeze muscles to soothe aches and pains
    • Micro-bubbles in the bath water to exfoliate the skin and ensure deep cleaning of pores
    • Warm air jet massages to create a feeling of weightlessness in the tub that is beneficial for arthritis and other painful conditions.
    • Aromatherapy features to relax your senses and calm your mind while you bathe
    • Different massage options to soothe and strengthen muscles and gain physiotherapy benefits
    • Options to mix bath salts and essential oils in the water to rejuvenate skin and treat conditions like psoriasis, dryness, and eczema…

Each feature installed in a therapeutic walk-in tub is meant to provide a host of different health benefits and advantages. And the facility to walk into the tub through a door rather than climb over the tub wall makes it easy to access for almost anyone – a recovering patient, a mobility challenged individual or an elderly person who might find it difficult to manage such maneuvers. With so many amazing benefits to enjoy, why would you choose any other bath fixture? Get a therapeutic walk-in bathtub for your home today!