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Know about the Walk-In Whirlpool Tub with a Shower

Posted on August 25th, 2017.

Making the home safer for elderly or disabled loved ones can be a tricky proposition. When there is a need to install upgrades that assist with mobility while providing usefulness for the rest of the family, a walk-in whirlpool tub with a shower is an excellent choice for retrofitting the bathroom. This distinct shower/tub design can serve an entire family well while providing the safety and therapeutic benefits an elderly or disabled person may require.

A walk-in tub and shower combination can be used to retrofit an existing bathroom. These specially designed tubs are available in full-sized models that enable families to replace their existing tubs with this easier-to-access design. In addition, smaller versions are available if there is a need to create a makeshift bathroom in a first-floor wet room, such as a laundry area.

Walk-in tub and shower combinations may vary based on their upgrades and inclusions, but they do share one important thing in common. This design is meant to enable people to get in and out using a swinging door. This door removes the 20-inch step over required to access a traditional tub and simply allows people to walk in, as the name suggests. In doing so, walk-in tubs create a safer situation for those with disabilities and other mobility challenges.

Whirlpool tubs with showers are considered an upgrade that takes this type of tub to a whole new level. While the combination shower/tub will still offer door access, most likely seating and slip-resistant flooring, the whirlpool adds important benefits. Heated whirlpool jets can be quite therapeutic for helping people with arthritis. They have also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, promote relaxation and when combined with heated water, they can even promote healing of damaged muscle tissue. Considering their benefits, whirlpool walk-in tub and shower combinations are seen as a luxurious upgrade in any home.

If there’s a need to upgrade a bathroom to make the home safer for an elderly or disabled loved one, there are ways to achieve the goal while benefitting the entire family. A whirlpool walk-in tub provides the safety features the older and disabled people need with luxury additions which the entire family will enjoy.