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Posted on October 3rd, 2017.

Walk-in tubs are necessary bathroom fixtures to select for anyone who is battling disabilities or mobility issues caused due to ageing limbs, injury or other health conditions. Allowing a user to enter, use, and exit the bathing area comfortably and safely, these tubs ensure that their pride, independence, and privacy is maintained and preserved while they handle their personal hygiene tasks on their own. These adaptive devices have been carefully developed over time, with constant efforts from innovators in adding new and improved features to the product to improve a mobility challenged user’s quality of life. Wish to know how safe walk-in tubs are made? Let’s find out:

Materials used

The best quality walk-in tubs are manufactured from durable materials like stainless steel that can withstand bumps and impacts without sustaining any damage. But that doesn’t mean that the tub will look like a hospital fixture. To maintain aesthetics, manufacturers also use acrylic reinforced fiberglass so that a spa-like look and feel is created. Surfaces are made to be accident proof, with better grip and non-slip floors.

Design tweaks

Walk-in bathtubs are unique, simply because they come with a fully functional door that allows users with mobility challenges to enter and exit without having to step over the side of the tub. The doorway is wide enough to allow a user to enter and exit comfortably. The door is fitted with leak-proof rubber sealing that ensures the water inside doesn’t spill out when someone is using the tub. They also have a comfortable seat designed inside the tub’s bathing space so that a user can sit comfortably and bathe himself/herself without taking on the stress to remain standing. Safety handles and grab bars are also installed to help users steady themselves if the need arises.

Comfort features

Safe walk-in tubs also come equipped with various luxury features to improve the comfort levels of the user. Heated seating, hot water massaging jets, accessible shower hoses, aromatherapy, Chroma therapy, micro-bubble generators and various other spa-quality features are installed in the tub to provide a user with therapeutic benefits while making regular bathing a much more convenient and easy job for them.

All in all, these tubs are meant to ensure that a mobility challenged user doesn’t have to make any compromises during regular hygiene tasks like bathing. Talk about revolutionary product design!