Posted on October 11th, 2017.

Bathroom remodeling can be a tough task, especially when you have to make changes to accommodate the needs of an elderly or mobility-challenged loved one. But people with large families usually find it difficult to find a solution that works for all the members of the household. While there are various innovative bathroom fixtures and related accessories available in the market to help service the needs of disabled or elderly individuals. One such ingenious combination is a bathing space with a shower AND a tub.

Bathing is more of a private experience and every member of your family will have his/her own preferences with regards to the same. People who are blessed with larger bathrooms can afford to provide for all these varying needs by remodeling their bathroom space with a tub and shower combo. The walk-in bathing space can be fitted with a glass door that allows for easy accessibility for senior/mobility challenged users and ensures that water doesn’t spill out and flood the floor. At the same time, having a bathtub nearby in the same bathing space can allow other family members to enjoy their regular soaking and relaxing bathing time.

Many homeowners also choose to install a walk-in tub in their bathroom to allow family members to enjoy both options for their hygiene routine. Women usually find the sit-in bathing experience a lot more comfortable and convenient as it allows them to handle hygiene tasks like shaving their legs with ease. At the same time, family members who are always in a rush to get ready and head out will find showers to be more convenient. To make the bathing space even friendlier for different users, you can choose to install a handy safety rail as well that will make moving around a lot safer for users.

Overall, a tub and shower combination for your bathroom will allow you to take care of the needs of everyone in the family without making a compromise on functionality or aesthetics. What do you think?