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Renovate your Bathroom for Elderly Safety with a Walk in Tub

Posted on August 12th, 2017.

The days of bathrooms being used only out of necessity are long gone. As the benefits of relaxing, hot soaks in the tub become more widely known and embraced, modern bathrooms are rising to the challenge with luxurious designs. Nowadays, bathrooms can be just as important as living rooms. And, why shouldn’t they be?

For elderly people, however, even the most well-designed, traditional bathrooms can pose hazards and risks. Some may find using them independently impossible. Fortunately, renovations that include the installation of walk-in bathtubs can make this room safer and easier for elders to access. If the right model is selected, this upgrade can enhance the luxury of this room for users of all ages and mobility levels.

Walk-in bathtubs are uniquely designed bathroom fixtures that address some of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of disabled and elderly people bathing on their own. The feature that is common among all designs is the inclusion of a watertight swinging door. The door is meant to make getting into and out of the tub easier by removing the big step over a traditional tub requires. This helps eliminate trip, slip and fall hazards in the bathroom. All seniors need to do is “walk in” to the tub and use a fast-fill feature to enjoy a soak. Quick drain designs are also available to ensure greater convenience when it is time to get out.

Renovations that include installation of walk-in tubs are fast becoming a popular choice for addressing elderly access issues. They are, however, also in high demand in any home where enhanced safety is a priority and luxury is, as well. While walk-in bathtub models may vary, some of the more popular upgrades can transform this type of tub into a spa-worthy fixture. Whirlpool jets, heated seating, chroma therapy and other options combine to create a bathroom feature that is not only highly functional, but also therapeutic.

Making sure a bathroom is safe and accessible for the elderly is a top priority in many homes. Walk-in tubs address common safety and access concerns while having the potential to enhance the overall luxury in this most important room.