Posted on November 20th, 2017.

Smart homeowners all over the country are turning towards the option of installing a tub and shower combo in their homes over traditional bathing space options, and rightly so! The option to renovate your bathroom with a tub shower combo offers different advantages to the user – most of which don’t exist with conventionally designed bathrooms. Let’s explore these benefits and understand whether or not such a bathing space will be a usable option for you:

Small sized bathroom owners find this to be an amazing option – one that can help you enjoy the benefits of both a bathtub and a shower without having to erect them separately inside. Showers are perfect for bathing on those days when you are in a hurry and just need a quick few minutes under the water before heading out. Bathtubs, on the other hand, are perfect for the days when you wish to spend more time pampering yourself and relaxing in a tub. Such a unit can also be useful for families that have working professionals and toddlers living under the same roof – users with different needs are all serviced with this amazing bathroom fixture.

Tub shower combo installations are also much easier to clean and maintain than regular bathtubs that usually are tough to clean beneath the bathing space. The bathing area is also more customizable and easier to manage with these fixtures as you can now install grab bars, guard rails and storage alcoves near the tub with ease. Bath water doesn’t spill out from the shower enclosure with this style of bathing space so you will never have to worry about a wet bathroom floor. And most importantly, these tubs can be designed with a built-in shower seat that will allow you to be seated comfortably while bathing – perfect for the seniors in the family.

So you see, renovating your bathroom with a tub shower combo is definitely a good idea. Get one for your home today!