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Safety Bath and Homecare

Posted on December 21st, 2017.

At Safety Bath, we understand that as you’re aging, your physicality and emotional well-being are in flux and in transition. You have a home that you’ve raised your family in, that you’ve made memories in, and that you’ve carried a legacy in – and you don’t want to leave it.

Aging at home is a comforting thought – nesting in a familiar place you’re connected to. Homecare is also far less costly than moving into a retirement home. Installing bathroom aids and fixtures to make your home more accessible for an elderly person, allows them to live in a safe environment with a certain degree of independence.

Income at this time usually declines during the retirement phase and many elderly people live on fixed incomes and worry about their financial security. This is why elderly people are often eligible for tax credits and allowances for these adaptations that are specially made for better senior care.

Our Role

The fight for national homecare standards and sustainable funding is what allows Canadians to age with dignity at home for as long as possible. We are happy to be a part of that fight and to help create versatile products that can be used as helpful adaptations. Bathing is an essential for home health, and we’ve taken into consideration the needs for greater access and reduced mobility when designing our tubs.

We also believe increase bathing safety for Alzheimer’s patients and those who are suffering from dementia is an incredible feat. More than 750,000 Canadians are living with dementia, a world that is often unpredictable for both patients and their families. If we can make products that allow them to live in their homes, and possibly make the uncomfortableness of bathing a little easier, we know we’ve done our job.