Posted on November 30th, 2017.

Whether it be through TV advertisements or through online marketing content, you might already have seen and heard much about step walk-in tubs that are quickly becoming a senior favorite all over the country. Wondering what all the hype is all about? Here are all the safety features of step walk-in tubs that will help you understand just why this product is such a good choice for elderly users all over:

  • The door present in step walk-in tubs allows users to enter and exit the bathing area without having to deal with the significant overstep that comes part and parcel with conventional design tubs.
  • The tubs come with built in seats that allow users to be comfortably seated in a chair like position – no need to sit all the way down and then get back up every time a user has to take a bath.
  • Quick draining facility is included in many step walk-in tubs to ensure that a user doesn’t have to stay inside the water for too long.
  • The floor of the tub is designed with anti-slip features to prevent missteps, falls and other accidents. The surfaces of the tub are textured as well to provide better grip to the user.
  • Hand rails and grab bars are also built into the step walk-in tub design to provide a user with the means to hoist themselves up or down. These bars are also textured to ensure a firm grip so that a user can steady themselves using them in case they ever lose balance.
  • These tubs eliminate the need for a sliding shower door that might be a safety hazard for users with mobility issues.
  • All fixtures, shower heads, faucets and bath supplies are positioned within easy reach for the user to prevent them from having to constantly get up from their seat while bathing.

So what do you think now? With so many amazing safety features, step walk-in tubs are definitely the best choice for senior users who may also be dealing with movement restricting health issues.