Posted on October 12th, 2017.

Traditional bath tubs often present a risky situation for users. Stepping over the wall and into the tub is prone to accidents, even for a regular healthy individual. But if the user is mobility challenged, this task becomes virtually impossible to manage without additional assistance. For most seniors and disabled individuals, having to seek help in a highly private task such as bathing can turn out to be a frustrating prospect. So choose to make their life easier and install a sit-in tub with a door in your bathing space.

The door

Typical tubs of this kind come equipped with a door attached towards the front and side of the bathtub. This door can be designed to open inside or outside the tub, depending upon the convenience of the user and the free space available inside the bathroom space. This door allows the user to enter the bathing area without having to step over the high threshold, as is the case with conventional bathtubs. The doors installed in sit-in tubs come equipped with advanced sealing mechanisms that ensure the water doesn’t spill out and flood the floor. The tubs are designed to drain faster as well so that the user can get finished with their bathing routine quickly and step out of the tub without having to spend too much time in the water.

The seat

The next intriguing feature of a sit-in tub with a door is, naturally, the sitting bench that allows users to relax and enjoy their bathing time without getting tired or moving around. This setting is perfect for mobility challenged individuals who can now just slide into the tub from their wheelchair or walker and bathe themselves in a more comfortable and relaxed position. Slipping accidents and resultant frustrations are also reduced to a minimum with the help of this bench inside the tub. Adjustable jets and shower heads are usually available to make the bathing experience even more convenient for the user and an additional safety rail can be installed to make getting in and out of the tub easier.

How it all comes together…

All these design tweaks and feature adjustments of a sit-in tub with door truly make the life of an elderly or mobility challenged individual easier. With the bathing space safer and more accessible, now such users can enjoy their private hygiene routine with comfort and independence without seeking any assistance from anyone else. What more can one ask for!