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Sitting Bathtub: Ideal Choice for Seniors

Posted on September 3rd, 2017.

As people get older, it’s not uncommon for mobility challenges to arise. Even if they haven’t, taking steps to enhance safety at home can prevent serious accidents that may leave seniors injured and stop them from living independently. If it’s time to consider the safety of the most dangerous room of the house – the bathroom – there is a distinct option that can help. Sitting bathtubs can make a very big difference.

Sitting bathtubs are designed to provide users a place to sit while they are in the tub or using the shower in a tub and shower combination. This type of bathtub can be created by modifying an existing fixture. There are also full replacement models available that go beyond the seating in the safety features provided.

Whether the plan is to modify an existing fixture or install a full walk-in bathtub with built-in seating, this type of upgrade addresses these concerns for seniors:

  • Enabling easier access to the tub – Modifications typically involve adding a bathtub bench to the fixture. Whether this involves a semi-permanent bench that can be folded against the wall when not in use or a freestanding design, seating can help people get in and out of the tub easier. When a full bench is included, people can sit on the bench’s edge and slide in and over the tub’s 20-inch wall. If a “walk-in” tub is selected instead, the swinging door will address the hazard posed by a traditional tub’s wall.
  • Providing a safer way to bathe – Sitting bathtubs are strongly recommended when people have difficulty in becoming fully submerged in a tub. This upgrade can also be very important if an elderly person has trouble standing for a shower. The seat provides a safe place for seniors to sit while they bathe.

Whether they call for minor modifications or complete replacement of an existing fixture with a walk-in design, sitting bathtubs enhance safety and accessibility for seniors. In doing so, this type of tub can help seniors enjoy greater independence in the bathroom. In addition, these upgrades can prove very valuable in preventing accidents that may create serious problems for even the most active of seniors.