Posted on November 19th, 2017.

Ask any senior member of your family – they will tell you just how debilitating the pain of arthritis can be. Decaying joints in an ageing body is something that most individuals have to put up with as they move towards the later stages of their lives. But the pain and discomfort caused by the same can make simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up a challenge. Now imagine what it would feel like to actually have to climb over a bathtub wall, bend your knees completely and sit down on the tub floor for taking a bath? And then the painful process of getting up begins when the same unsteady feet and aching joints will have to bear even more pain and pressure to hoist the body back up in the standing position? Sounds agonizing, doesn’t it?

That is why sitting bathtubs are considered as the perfect option for seniors who are dealing with the problem of arthritis. The tubs provide a high seat to the user that can be used to assume a chair-like sitting position which is much easier to manage than the sitting-down-on-the-floor style of bathing that is part and parcel with conventional tubs. Sitting bathtubs prevent unnecessary stress and pressure from being exerted on the weak and aching joints of seniors while ensuring that they are always safe and comfortable while taking a bath. No need to be running the risk of pulling yourself up with the support of a guard rail when you can simply slide into the bathtub as if it were a chair!

And to make the bathing experience even simpler for a senior, sitting bathtubs come fitted with extendable shower heads and easy to reach faucets so that the user has access to everything they need to bathe themselves without having to stand up or reach too far out in the process of retrieving things. Sitting bathtubs usually come with a walk in feature too, meaning that the user doesn’t have to lift their leg over the tub threshold to climb in. They can simply open the door, walk in and take a seat for beginning their daily bathing routine. That is the beauty of sitting bathtubs – they are comfortable, convenient and virtually risk free.

So if you are an ageing individual suffering from arthritis or have a loved one living with you who is facing such an ordeal, get a sitting bathtub for you home. This is one choice that you definitely will not regret!