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Tell-Tale Signs – When to Switch to a Walk-In Bathtub?

Posted on June 14th, 2017.

Considering to buy a walk-in bathtub, but you’re not quite sure if the investment is a good idea? There are some tell-tale signs that indicate this upgrade from a traditional tub can be a wise purchase.

Walk-in tubs can have advantages over standard models for users of any age and mobility level. Even so, there are a few signs that can make looking into a purchase sooner rather than later a smart move. They include: 

  • Difficulty accessing a standard tub – People who are aging or suffer disabilities may find the standard 20-inch step over required to access a traditional tub is too difficult to navigate. This can pose a big safety risk, opening the door for slips, falls and tumbles that may lead to serious injury. A walk-in tub by design eliminates the step over and reduces this common bathroom safety hazard in the process. In addition, walk-in tubs often have built-in seating and grab bars. These combine with the swinging doors to make the bathing experience safer for people with mobility concerns.
  • Chronic pain – People who suffer from conditions like arthritis may find a walk-in tub with additional features, such as hot water jets and warm air massage, helps ease the pain they suffer. Regular soaks in soothing water can promote improvements in pain levels, which can help people go about their days with a greater amount of ease.
  • Concerns about a loss of independence – When self-bathing becomes a challenge, people may find their independence and ability to stay at home challenged. A walk-in tub’s design can remove some of the challenges that threaten independence with aging or disability.
  • Concerns about overall household safety – If addressing safety hazards in the home is an concern, regardless of age or mobility status, walk-in tubs can assist. By addressing some of the more common slip and fall hazards, a walk-in tub can improve safety for anyone of any age.

Walk-in tubs are a sound purchase for any home. If safety hazards and chronic pain are concerns, these tubs are an investment that can pay off with results.