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Therapeutic Walk-In Tubs

Therapeutic Walk-In Bathtubs


Soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long day relaxes sore muscles, eases tensions in the mind and promotes natural stress reduction. Safety Bath therapeutic walk-in bathtub designs go beyond the norm though, courtesy of additions that can transform a tub into a home spa.

Creating a home spa experience while still enjoying the enhanced safety features of a Safety Tub walk-in bathtub design can be achieved when these options are added to a purchase:

      • Heated water jets


This feature transforms a walk-in tub into a highly therapeutic device that massages away tensions. Courtesy of jets positioned strategically throughout the walk-in tub, this option delivers a thorough and vigorous massage for specific body parts. In addition to relaxing muscles, hot water jets provide the added benefit of helping remove accumulated toxins from the muscles like lactic acid, which may build up after intense training or physical therapy.

      • Heated seats


While a standard walk-in tub seat is meant to promote safety, a heated seat goes beyond by also providing a way to ease aches and pains in the trapeze muscles to deliver a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.

      • Pure bubbles


This enhancement creates a dense cloud of microbubbles within bath water that moisturizes, hydrates and exfoliates skin pores, transforming a bath into a true spa experience. While this feature is highly enjoyable for anyone, it offers therapeutic benefits for those with severe dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and other conditions.

      • Warm air massage jets


This feature creates a sense of weightlessness in the tub while warming and relaxing the muscles. It can help relieve pain associated with arthritis and other similar conditions while easing tensions.

      • Aroma and chroma-therapy


Safety Bath designs may also be upgraded with these two unique features that promote self-healing and general well-being for the central nervous system.

Safety Bath has been committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality walk-in tubssince 1992. While our walk-in tubs are crafted to eliminate common bathing hazards, our therapeutic additions take relaxation and healing to the next level. To find out more about our unique designs, explore our models and enhancement options or call us today.