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Things To Be Considered When Purchasing A Walk-In Tub

Posted on December 2nd, 2017.

Purchasing a walk-in tub can be a harrowing experience, to say the least. Scores of companies out there offer these products in a wide range of models and designs. Each seller claims they have the best walk-in tub on offer in the market. It is quite easy for an unsuspecting buyer to fall prey to scamming marketing tactics, get confused with the flood of information out there and ending up with an unworthy purchase that is a waste of their money. Don’t worry – this blog post is meant to ensure that something like this never happens to you. So here is a list of things that you should consider when purchasing a walk-in tub for your needs. Follow these to make an informed decision about what you should be buying:

Quality check

Making sure the best of materials and fittings are included in your walk-in tub should be your number one priority. Go through reviews and testimonials of other buyers who have used the tub to find out whether it lived up to their expectations. Choose a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their leak proof door seal and a reasonable cover on other fixtures that are installed on your walk-in tub.

Tub size

While purchasing a walk-in tub, you must ensure that the product you buy will fit perfectly in the space vacated by your existing bathtub. Standard tubs are 26-32 inches wide and about 60 inches long with 3 feet or higher walls. In case your new tub doesn’t fit within these dimensions, extension kits are also available to make the installation process easier on the pocket.

Door options

Most walk-in tubs have an inward opening door. However, if the person meant to use the tub is slightly hefty wheelchair bound, it would be a better idea to consider a tub with an outward opening door. This will make movement a little easier for the user while ensuring that the tub door doesn’t pose an obstruction while getting in or out.

Just keep these things in mind when purchasing a walk-in tub for your needs. Hope you will end up with a suitable product. All the best!