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Transfer Bench for Bathtub: A Step Towards Safe Bath for Whole Family

Posted on August 27th, 2017.

Creating a safer home environment is a concern for people of all ages. Considering that most accidents do happen at home, addressing common hazards is just plain smart. Since the bathroom tends to pose the greatest risks, tackling this room first is often advised. A simple upgrade like a transfer bench for the bathtub can prove to be a major improvement that benefits the entire family.

Transfer benches for bathtubs are upgrades that are typically associated with use by people having mobility challenges. This type of bench is meant to provide an easier way to transfer a person who is wheelchair bound into the bathtub. It also makes gaining access to the tub easier for people who use walkers or canes to get around. A bench provides a simple, affordable way to overcome the obstacle a traditional tub’s 20-inch step over creates. Instead of requiring people to step or climb over the side of a tub, all they need to do is sit on the bench and slide in.

While transfer benches for the bathtub are commonly recommended for use by the elderly and disabled, they do provide benefits the entire family can enjoy. When a transfer bench is installed in a tub, this upgrade can:

  • Provide a steadying force – It’s not at all uncommon for people of any age to become dizzy in the shower or tub. When a bench is in place, it can serve as a steadying force to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Make hygiene routines safer– Many women, for example, appreciate the addition of a transfer bench so that they may complete their personal hygiene routines with more comfort. These benches, for example, are ideal for use while shaving the legs. They can also provide an excellent perch for those who simply want to soak their feet and relax at the end of a long day.

Creating a safer home environment doesn’t necessarily demand costly upgrades. When safety is a concern in the bathroom, a transfer bench may provide the support needed to prevent slip-and-fall accidents while making tubs more accessible. This simple and affordable upgrade may even deliver benefits the whole family can enjoy regardless of age or mobility status.