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Transform Your Traditional Bathroom with Shower Surround Kits

Posted on August 28th, 2017.

Turning an ordinary home’s bathroom into a safer place for the elderly or disabled doesn’t have to require major renovations. Simply replacing an existing tub or free-standing shower with a shower surround kit can make a big difference while retaining full functionality for everyone else in the home. These attractive, distinct designs provide the safety upgrades people with mobility challenges require while offering benefits that are universal.

Shower surround kits are designed for use in retrofitting existing bathrooms or for use in transforming other wet areas in a home into bathing areas. When the plan is to transform a traditional bathroom, a full-sized shower surround kit can be ordered to replace the existing tub or shower. What sets shower surround kits apart is their unique design. Also called barrier-free showers, this model is meant to provide easier access to the bathing area for people with mobility challenges. This style of shower does not have a step over ledge or shower doors like traditional freestanding designs might. Instead, a special pan creates a slip-resistant floor that is designed to keep water in while preventing fall hazards. The nearly flush-to-the-floor design of a surround shower floor pan enables people who rely on walkers, canes or wheelchairs to gain access more easily.

Fully functional for use by the entire family, shower surround kits also typically offer other safety benefits for people with mobility challenges. They may include:

  • Seating – Shower benches may be built into these designs or added as upgrades. Seating in the shower can be very important for people with disabilities who find themselves unable to stand while bathing or are incapable of standing for more than a few minutes. In addition, seating can serve to assist people with mobility challenges in balancing themselves, if needed, and may also help improve accessibility.
  • Grab bars – it is not uncommon for families to choose to have grab bars included in the design of their shower surround kits. This additional safety feature can help steady people who suffer from balance-related issues. They are also very useful in preventing falls.

Making a traditional bathroom a safer place for a senior or disabled loved one can be easily achieved through the use of a surround shower. This distinct design improves accessibility and safety while offering benefits everyone can take advantage of. If this style of shower is under consideration, be sure to work with a retailer to select the right design and to arrange for professional installation.