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Various Options Available for Walk-In Bath Benches

Posted on August 2nd, 2017.

Bathing is simply a crucial part of daily life. Necessary for maintaining health and preventing illness, this part of the daily routine may all too quickly become a “luxury” for those who suffer from age or disability related mobility challenges.Oftentimes, people who cannot access the bathtub or shower find themselves having to rely on others to ensure safety in the bath. Walk-in bath bench models, however, can eliminate the obstacles for many. The right bath safety aids can prevent slips and falls while safeguarding loved ones from serious injury.

If it’s time to transform a bathroom from one of a home’s most dangerous rooms into its safest and most accessible, walk-in bath tubs with benches will deliver results. While all models will feature watertight swinging doors that enable easier, safer access, the styles of these tubs can vary a bit. Here are just a few of the options to consider when selecting a walk-in bath with a bench:

  • Compact designs – There are very basic, small model walk-in tubs available that feature accessibility and safety features such as benches. This style of tub is generally intended to retrofit a wet room that doesn’t normally serve as a bathroom. People with elderly or disabled loved ones, for example, may add this type of tub to a first-floor space that has plumbing access to enable safer, more private bathing. While this type of tub will address safety concerns and accessibility, it may not offer the features a full-size walk-in tub might boast.
  • Full-size models – This type of walk-in tub is intended to replace a traditional tub in any standard bathroom. Full-size models are considered not only a safety upgrade, but also a luxury feature in many homes. Since they may include bench seating, along with accessibility enhancements, they deliver the peace of mind required. These models, however, may also be upgraded with features such as whirlpool jets, aromatherapy, heated seats and more to enhance the benefits provided.

Walk-in bath tubs with benches are designed to make bathing safer and more accessible for people with mobility challenges. By removing the barriers that stand in the way of loved one’s bathing on their own, they can help restore independence and dignity. Since they may also include luxury upgrades, they can fast become a favorite fixture in any home.